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Grindhouse Double Shock Show (Deadly Culture / Evil Sister) (2007)

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DEADLY CULTURE (2007) : Beautiful young actress Natasha Kimmont is stricken with a rare, fatal disease. She is approached by a shadowy government agency who offer her a cure. Refusing to be cut down in the prime of her life, Natasha agrees toundergo a painful, experimental surgery. She emerges not only cured of her illness, but stronger, faster, smarter than ever before. But now, when the moon rises, Natasha is transformed into a horned, green-skinned creature...with a taste for human flesh..esh... EVIL SISTER (1996): Roxanne has spent most of her young adult life in a mental institution. Seemingly cured, she is released into the care of her sister, Michelle. But Michelle can't help but notice that there's something... differenfferent ...about Roxy. It's not just her newfound tendency to parade around in thong bikinis in front of Michelle's husband, Tony. It's also her performing naked satanic rituals in the backyard at night. Consulting with a psychic, Michelle learns that hthat her sister has been possessed by a succubus , an ancient demon that gains power by seducing and killing men. Michelle must exorcise the possessed Roxy before she can make Tony her next victim...