LDD Presents The Addams Family Gomez and Morticia Dolls 2-Pack

Think your family is weird?
LDD Presents The Addams Family - the kookiest family on the block who redefine what it means to be a good neighbor. Riddled with explosive energy, Gomez is a devoted husband who lives to lavish his wife. Outfitted in a pinstripe suit and tie, Gomez is suave and sophisticated. Morticia is the cool, calm, and collected center of the Addams Family and is the perfect counterpart to her hot-headed husband. Wearing a gown with octopus-like tendrils at the hem, Morticia is bewitching. Gomez and Morticia stand 10-inches tall and feature 5 points of articulation. They are packaged together in a window box, perfect for display.