Monster Hunter Rathalos SH MonsterArts Action Figure

  • Hunting for monsters?
  • Add the realistically detailed and articulated Rathalos to your collection!
  • Inspired by the Monster Hunter game series.
  • Design overseen by director Kaname Fujioka.
  • Includes open and folded wings, fire breath effects, and more!
Hunting for monsters? Here's a dandy one for your collection! The SH MonsterArts series, renowned for its attention to realistic detail and articulation, brings you this amazing Monster Hunter Rathalos SH MonsterArts Action Figure inspired by the Monster Hunter game series. Overseen by director Kaname Fujioka, it captures the beast exactly as seen on-screen, with incredible detail and natural poseability that brings Rathalos to 3D life. Option parts enable you to swap between open and folded wings, and the unique effect parts let you recreate its fire breath to expand your display possibilities! The figure includes a pair of large deployment wing parts (L/R), a pair of small deployment wing parts (L/R), a stand, and fire breath effects. Add Rathalos to your game room today!