North American Sasquatch

A mythical denizen of the arboreal forests of the Pacific Northwestern United States, the sasquatch figure is created from witness reports and Native American legend at 7 ½” high with 18 points of articulation, and a woodland environmental base. 

For hundreds of years, native American folklore has whispered stories of a creature. A creature of flesh and spirit. A giant revered by the native tribes and forest creatures as brother; O’mah, Kushtaka, D’sonoqua, Genowska, Bukwas and later amongst the descendents of the settlers as the booger, skunk ape and bigfoot.

This line is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Through the formation of Creatureplica the opportunity has presented itself to execute it in the way I’ve always seen it. Based on witness reports, native American folklore and of course my own particular subjective spin and sculptural style. I’ve always disliked the murderous monster depiction of sasquatch. The majority of reports and alleged witness sightings have been of a shy retiring creature, so the sculpt reflects that, particularly in the face. The body type and fur color( and there will most likely be a few paint version of this, again based on common sighting data) is an amalgam of the Patterson-Gimlin footage creature proportions combined with the vast majority of visual descriptions, as well as my own personal vision; that of an extant North American great ape of the pongid line. One theory says a creature such as this could have traveled across the Bering land bridge as our ancestors did; an ape of asian extraction such as the orangutan, or perhaps Gigantopithecus. The largest primate ever known to have lived, described in the fossil record of mainland China by only teeth and jaw bones; an ape of significant similarity in size and proportion to the legendary sasquatch. Hence the reddish coloring, blackish skin and legs shorter proportionately than a human, while featuring a characteristic prevalent in only one species of modern primate; humans.