Schleich Dinosaur Dunkleosteus Collectible Figure


This might not be a good time to go for a swim. The Dunkleosteus was an armored fish with a length of 26 to 32 feet, which was unusually large for the period in which it lived, 130 to 150 million years before the first dinosaurs. It was one of the first giants of the underwater world. Replicating the monster for collectors like you, this Schleich Dinosaur Dunkleosteus Collectible Figure measures about 8 1/2-inches long x 3 1/2-inches tall and features a movable lower jaw and an informative booklet. Don't let this one get away!

The Dunkleosteus was a fearless hunter that could snap incredibly fast and ate large sharks… and even its own kind if no other prey could be found! Fossils of half-digested fish have often been discovered alongside its skeleton, leading scientists to believe the armored fish was not able to chew very well and swallowed it prey in large pieces. It was named after paleontologist David Dunkle, and the word "osteos" is Greek for "bone."