spring outbreak issue- print issue #25

GIRLS and CORPSES Spring Outbreak issue is a pandemic of diseased comedy and our most infectious issue! You’ll wheeze in a panic as we explore deadly diseases that will end life on earth: Ebola, The Plague, The Fluand The Kardashians. Catch our tribute to Iwo Jima’s 75th anniversary with our Hazmat Hotties: RILEY STEELE, JILLIAN JANSON, RAVEN BAY andJODIE TAYLOR. On our historic back cover, as promised, we unzip iconic record producer KIM FOWLEY’s body bag with fetish supermodel JIN N TONIC. Also, we have a deadly photoshoot with PATIENT ZERO at a Biohazard Field Hospital with nurses IVY SHERWOOD and JEZAZBEL VESSIR. Exclusive Interviews with: Rockabilly legend The REV HORTON HEAT; MOLLY DUNSWORTH (Septic Man, Hobo With A Shotgun), BIANCA BRADEY (Wyrmwood); metal band BLOODBATH; INCITE’s necro-erotic WTF music video; and GWYNETH PALTROW’s Toxic Shit. We also examine: The Black Death “The Good Years”; The Lobotomy Mobile; Hasmat Horror flicks; Gruesome Graphx; sick pics of STEFAN GESELL. Also, a 12 page graphic comic is included, THE FUNGUS AMONGUS. So, slap on your Deet and wash your hands throughly after reading Girls and (cough) Corpses Magazine. You’ll be glad you (cough-cough) dead (hack-spit). Order this diseased issue now before the plague infects your brain Order this diseased issue now before the plague infects your brain.